Question: What would be the impact of the Night Owl bus service being canceled?

(from left to right)

“I think it’s inconvenient for people that live on and off campus, who now have to walk at night on campus when it’s pretty creepy.”
Brittany Boyd
Fourth-year, College Eight
Marine biology

“Students have very different schedules and a lot of different students and organizations have late-night meetings. Not having the Night Owl service would be an obstacle in terms of transportation [and] availability.”
Eugene Negrete
Third-year, Oakes
Latin American & Latino studies/Theater arts

“I’m actually visually impaired, so public transportation is a big way that people like myself get around. There really aren’t any alternatives.”
Nile Russell
Third-year, Oakes

“A lot of students rely on the bus to get home after parties, so it might result in more accidents, or students may be compelled to engage in more dangerous alternatives. Walking home is not safe.”
Angela Yu
Third-year, Cowell