Question: How close do you think we are to seeing an openly gay high-profile athlete in one of the big four American sports? How would it be significant?

“I’d say it’s there, but especially with something like football and basketball, it might be difficult because people are in such a spotlight. It could be very good for the gay community because it shows that, if someone like that has that kind of attention then maybe they could make some positive changes. Overall, it would be a good thing, if someone was more open about it.”
Jared Drechsler
Third-Year, College Nine
Business Management Economics

“If they are willing to come out as an athlete, especially if they’re a man, then it would be an inspiration for other athletes. I think we’re pretty close. Even though there’s still a lot of prejudice in the U.S. against gays, I feel like at least us Californians are really close to being able to accept that completely.”
Lauren Wurst
First-Year, Merrill

“I’d love to be optimistic and say we are close, but realistically you have to look at the areas where these sports are so popular. A lot of them are communities where they don’t share Santa Cruz ideals.”
Chelsea Henry
Third-Year, Stevenson

“I think we’re getting closer and closer. In the media you see all these things about pride and coming out and being ‘gay and OK.’ I think that’d be good. It would help push other athletes who are probably in the closet because I guess it’s very masculine. To come out, it would probably be good for the community as a whole.”
Parnian Changizzadeh
Fourth-Year, College Nine
MCD Biology