Question: Do you think the “Occupy Wall Street” movement is warranted? How do you feel about it coming to Santa Cruz?

(from left to right)

“I think Wall Street is evil. Occupy Wall Street coming to Santa Cruz is great. We’re a lefty campus, and we’re against the norm here.”
Gita Mehra
Third-year, Cowell

“As a whole, i think that the movement represents an uprising of the lower-middle class, and this is totally warranted. But they really need a mission statement for people to relate to.”
Jake Rappoport
Fourth-year, College Nine
Economics/Environmental studies

“I feel what makes America great is if one part of the parts gets too powerful, we always have the ability to level it back to normal. This is not a waste of time at all for the protesters.”
Keanu Erguiza
First-year, Crown

“I wish I were there instead of in Santa Cruz. This financial issue is based around a system which exploits people. Only our people can get together to change things.”
Sharif Zakout
Fourth-year, Kresge
Legal studies