Question: Do you feel connected to other people in your major?

(from left to right)

“Pretty connected. There are only about 20 students in every class. You have multiple classes with the same people. I do lithography, and it’s a community. There’s always music playing.”
Michelle Spetner
Third-year, Kresge

“Not last year, but more this year. I’m in microeconomics and I don’t know anyone, but in my bio classes it’s cool.”
Alison Scarbrough
Fourth-year, Oakes

“I haven’t had any classes in the major yet, but I’m in Psychology of Religion, and there’s something there. You get to see reactions.”
Alex Smith
First-year, Stevenson

“I’m new to the major, so I’m not connected yet. It’s a pretty big major.”
Rachel Graham
Third-year, Merrill