Question: Describe your latest campus crush.

(from left to right)

“My crush? A short girl, black curly hair, a nice Jewish girl — that all I’ll say.”
Ilya Rotenstein
Third-year, Cowell
Business management economics

“I was sitting on a bus last week, looking out the window, when a guy gave me the creepy bus stare. Yeah, that’s the one.”
Haeli Gustafson
Third-year, Porter
Marine biology

“He’s got to be nerdy — it’s a good thing. We’ll meet in Humanities 206. He’s a psych major. Definitely needs to be mature.”
Kang Xiong
Fourth-year, Merrill
Earth science

“Oh, I gotta think about this one … He’s tall, like 6’3”. He surfs for sure. He’s a bio major, like me, from San Diego. He’s the shit, like really cool, laid-back, kind of the guy that everyone in the room likes. I think he feeds orphans on the weekends?”
Alex Ooms
Second-year, College Eight