Thousands of individuals marched and succeeded in shutting down the port of Oakland yesterday, Nov. 2. The port of Oakland is the fifth busiest port in the United States, and nearly one hundred of semi trucks sat idle, unable to pick up or drop off their containers. The actions throughout the day resulted in numerous business closures, including Wells Fargo, and culminated in the crowd of more than five thousand shutting down the ports in the evening. Factions of the Occupy movement broke off and blocked various ports. The march to the ports saw hundreds of critical mass bicyclists and 300 teachers from the Oakland Unified School District. This day of action follows last week’s police raid where Scott Olsen, a 24-year-old Iraq War veteran, was hospitalized after being struck in the head by a projectile during the raid. Police presence during the day was minimal until around midnight, when numerous police officers weilding guns filled with rubber bullets approached 14th and Broadway.