Question:  If you had a box, and in that box was a button, and if you pressed that button all of your student loans would suddenly disappear, but simultaneously somewhere in the world a kitten would be killed, would you press the button?

(from left to right)

“I don’t get student loans.”
Brian Carolus
Fourth-year, College Nine
History and politics

“I think that’s sort of cheating to ask that question to me because I am one of the lucky few whose parents pay for tuition. However, if I was in that situation I wouldn’t press the button, but I’d be very tempted to. Very tempting … Wait — I thought it was a kid. I’d press the button.”
Alisa Yuasa
Second-year, Porter College
Art and history

“No, because you could still pay off your student loans. If it was something more important than student loans, then it might be more justified to execute the poor kitten.”
Alex Rayburn
Fourth-year, Kresge College

“Um yeah, I hate cats and I owe $100,000 to the government. So many cats die every day. If it was a person it’d be different.”
Sam Ickes
Fourth-year, College Nine
Marine biology