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29 Sep 2023
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Candidate Profile: Douglas Baker
By CHP Staff

As a first-year Kresge College student, Douglas Baker has been active within the community ever since he first stepped foot on campus this fall as a chemistry major.

“I enjoy helping others through student government and volunteer work,” he said. “I think there are not enough students that recognize what SUA does and provides.”

Baker said he is qualified to be a representative of his college. He has been involved with various organizations, including the YMCA Youth and Government program, and has been the Kresge-appointed SUA representative since spring quarter of this year.

“I would like to see more events that attract large crowds from across the entire campus and make UCSC a more memorable place as a college student,” Baker said. “Getting a famous speaker to come and speak to the students of UCSC every year can make a particular year or quarter here at UCSC a lot more memorable. I would also like to see the [Bay Tree] bookstore and McHenry library open about an hour or two longer on Fridays and Saturdays.”

The budget crisis is a topic that he would like to actively address if he were to be elected. Baker would like to see more funding allocated toward student services and wants the SUA to work with the administration on plans that will not negatively affect the budget.

“I would like to have SUA be more involved in budget decisions that impact the quality of education here at UCSC,” Baker said. “I think SUA can be a great organization for rallying students together peacefully when a fee or tuition hike goes up by a very large amount.”

Baked said he remains optimistic about the quality of the education this school has to offer.

“UCSC has a rich history and culture because of the different colleges, and that is an advantage I think we have over other universities,” he said.

Baker recognizes the capabilities of the SUA and wants to make a lasting impact on the community.

“I would like to inspire a lot of otherwise apathetic students [to do] something a lot more constructive on campus,” he said.

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