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30 Nov 2023

Candidate Profile: Kevin Huang
By Aysha Bilal

Kevin Huang, a first-year candidate for SUA College Ten representative, is hoping to triple-major in politics, sociology and economics. Huang has been involved with the SUA since the beginning of this past winter quarter, when he was appointed College Ten representative by the College Ten Senate.

“That experience helps, but it is not the most important thing,” Huang said. “College Ten’s theme, social justice, is the basis of why I came here. Upholding social justice really comes into play when representing College Ten in SUA.”

Huang would like to increase the interest that UCSC students currently have in the SUA, especially when it comes to College Ten–affiliated students.

“People don’t know how they can get involved and get things done,” Huang said. “It’s not that they necessarily don’t care. They do care. It’s just that they feel like they can’t do anything.”

Through SUA conferences that he has attended within the past quarter in Sacramento and Washington, D.C., Huang has learned how to use lobbying to increase politicians’ awareness of student issues.

“I am a part of the Lobby Core committee in SUA and we do a lot of things that relate to external issues and [we] push towards district offices,” Huang said. “We have done tons of call-ins and fax-ins. We tell [politicians] why students need these things.”

Huang hopes to address issues of UCSC finances, such as class availability and impacted majors, by working with the SUA to bring visibility to these concerns. Also, Huang would like to see SUA expand from mostly dealing with funding requests to outreaching to the UCSC students about these and other concerns and working together to resolve them.

“The students at UCSC really know how to move people,” Huang said. “Even at SUA conferences we are always a big presence, and if UCSC students were not to be there, then it would be a really big absence.”

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