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06 Dec 2023
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Candidate Profile: Rebecca Scott
By Hanna Toda

Second-year politics major Rebecca Scott is running for SUA College Eight representative. She has been involved in SUA for a year, acting as the appointed representative. Scott is also an intern for the internal vice chair as an organizing director. Some events that Scott has directed are campus movie showings. In the past year, the school has shown two films: “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1” and “Inception.”

Scott first participated in student government when she started volunteering for voter registration. Since then, she has been very much involved with student government.

“You kinda have to plunge head-in first,” she said. “It’s either sink or swim.”

Upon election, Scott hopes to unite the entire campus, despite the separation of the individual colleges.

“With working with the internal office, I’ve realized what the office is really working for is student engagement,” Scott said. “People are separated by colleges and I really want to attempt to engage with other colleges — not just College Eight and all the reps — and have a more unified campus.”

As a representative for College Eight, Scott hopes to spread the philosophy of green use and sustainability to a campus-wide level. She hopes to encourage organizations to make smarter choices when it comes to compostable ware when hosting events with food. The use of recycled cups and reusable serving utensils and generally being conscientious of the origins of the food that the school serves are some of the ideas that Scott has in store for the campus.

Through going to town halls and listening to candidates speak, Scott plans to focus on how students can become involved without having to be directly involved with SUA.

“Student government isn’t for everyone, so I think that it is important to bridge gaps between student governments and other organizations on campus,” Scott said. “There’s so many different ways that students want to be involved and we should collaborate together.”

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