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03 Jun 2023

Measure 50
By CHP Staff

Measure 50 would alter an already existing fee referendum. Measure 13, which passed in 2005, enacted a fee of $3.20 per student, per quarter that goes to the Student Media Council, which is comprised of representatives from all registered media organizations at UCSC.

As the language is now, those funds go toward media equipment, software and facilities improvements. Measure 50 would give the Student Media Council more freedom in how to spend those already existing fees. It would not enact any new fees. The money could then go toward advising, workshops, start-up costs and operating costs.

The fee adds up to $142,925 annually. At the end of the 2009–2010 fiscal year, there was a remaining balance of $66,411.

Measure 50 is endorsed by the Student Union Assembly and the Student Fee Advisory Committee, as well as City on a Hill Press, TWANAS, Banana Slug News and several other student media organizations.


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