Question: What’s your holiday horror story?

(from left to right)

“Christmas was really bad this year because my parents always fight about which grandparent’s house to go to. We ended up going to one of my grandmas’ houses, then there was no event going on … We ended up going somewhere completely different and had a good time in the end, except my dad, who was drunk, sitting sadly in a corner. You know, typical family holiday stuff.”
Jessie Garcia
Fourth-year, Porter

“Staying in Santa Cruz.”
Pia Rios-Sotelo
Third-year, College Ten

“Oh man, which one? I was up in South Lake Tahoe for Snow Globe during New Year’s Eve. I was rolling balls all night, and it was super cold. The girl I was hooking up with, her feet were freezing, so I gave her my shoes, dude, and I didn’t even realize it until the next morning. I was so close to frostbite.”
Brett Lambert
Third-year, Stevenson

“Waiting for the train in Chicago in 10-degree weather for 2.5 hours because I missed the first one. … It was miserable.”
Dibya Phuyal
Graduate student