Question: Do you think the university offers enough resources for underrepresented groups? Is there anything you would like to see offered?

“To my knowledge there are enough, but I have not participated in any, so it’s hard for me to know. I do see emails about diversity outreach groups.”
Tom Campbell
Fourth-year, Crown

“I don’t think there are ever enough resources for underrepresented groups in the university. I am Indian, but also Sikh, and I don’t see how the university has been promoting for that particular group.”
Avneet Randhawa
Fourth-year, College Ten

“So far, I do think they do offer enough. I checked out El Centro, which offers support to minorities. This school has a cool vibe in regards to that sort of thing, and I have liked that about here so far.”
Cassandra De La Torre
First-year, Cowell
MCD Biology

“I think they do, but I don’t really know what they offer.”
Greg Hou
Graduate student