Question: Do you think porn affects relationships?

“I think it can. It could stress a relationship if someone in the relationship thinks porn is being watched because they are not good enough on a sexual level. It’s a case-by-case basis, depending on the people.”
Patrick McCarthy
Second-year, Cowell

“It really depends on the sensitivity of the person. The general consensus is that it’s usually men who watch it and the woman is sensitive, but really, it depends on who watches it and who gets sensitive about it, and if they truly care or not.”
Elizabeth Carpenter
Fourth-year, Crown

“Yeah, because guys shouldn’t be looking at other girls when they’re in a relationship.”
Vy Le
First-year, Cowell

“If, for example, a guy was watching porn and his girlfriend came in, she would ask, ‘Um, what are you doing?’ and if he needs to watch porn there is something sexually unfulfilling in the relationship. But then again, he could get tips from it. [Or] it could hinder relationships.”
James Phelps
Second-year, College Nine
Legal Studies