Katelin Farenbaugh, First-year, Cowell, Undeclared: "My teachers really talk about environmental issues more, as compared to back home. I definitely recycle now."
Tommy Kawaguchi, First-year, Cowell, Bioengineering: “My views have always been pro-green, so they haven’t really changed. Everybody here is green.”
Hasti Afsarifard, Second-year, Cowell, Business management economics: “People here are more aware and concerned. There’s a communal concern — you care because you’re aware. My friend signed an agreement to never buy a plastic water bottle again, and so far she’s been able to do it. We’re really lucky to live in a place where we have access to clean water.”
Ana Tinker Valle, Second-year, College Nine, Spanish: “I definitely am more conscious of what I recycle. I’ve gotten so many lessons on what can be composted. With respect to the trees and the ecosystem of this area, I’ve learned that we need to protect this place and limit development.”