“I’m surprised it’s taken the Greek life so long to increase on campus. In a way, it forces students to interact with each other in a campus that is so spread out.” Stephany Martinez, fourth-year, Porter, Politics







"I definitely think it is important. Whatever they specialize in or their interests are, they cater to the community. Students want to take part in those types of communities.” Victor Dane III, Third-year, Cowell, Physical anthropology.




“I feel like it’s good for those who want to be part of a community. Some fraternities and sororities do hazing, but others don’t. I would say they are accepting of everyone.” Gabriella Soc, fourth-year, College Eight, Psychology.



“I think it’s great that more people are involved in bigger Greek clubs. Its a beneficiary system.” Ian Holl, Third-year, Cowell, biology and environmental studies.