Sasquatch! 2012 started off with the familiar 16-hour drive to Gorge, Wash. It was just as miserable as a 16-hour drive sounds, but even so it was also the third time my friends and I had freely chosen to undertake it. And guess what? It paid off — the third time was a charm. Artists such as Pretty Lights, Jack White, Bon Iver and Beck headlined with a motley of bands, ranging from electronic to hip-hop to indie pop, filling four full days of great music. The venue, The Gorge Amphitheater, offered a view of a lifetime that added that much more to the acts on stage. This year we found ourselves seeing more familiar faces, including other Slugs who also chose to make the trek up to Washington to enjoy the music and view. Overall, this year’s Sasquatch! did not disappoint and no matter how many all-nighters lay ahead, we wouldn’t change a damn thing.

Photos by Kyan Mahzouf