Is your opinion of the Occupy Movement different from a year ago? Why or why not?

Compiled by Jayden Norris & Sal Ingram

Photo by Sal Ingram


“No. I never really thought much of it to begin with.”

Justin Lake

Third-year, Oakes






Photo by Sal Ingram

“I was really interested last year, but I feel like I haven’t really heard much about it or kept up with it since then.”

Joana De Leon

Third-year, Kresge

Literature and music





Photo by Sal Ingram


“I still agree with it, but I haven’t seen a lot of movement lately. People should get out in the streets.”

Ana Avalos

Second-year, Stevenson




Photo by Sal Ingram


“I feel it started as a good movement with good people, but then people that weren’t really into it joined in and messed up the public image.”

Michael Guillory

Third-year, Stevenson