Dear Editor,

We are writing to you regarding the recent Presidential Town Hall Debate on Tuesday October 16th, 2012. We found the issues of equal pay and education as it is related to families to be of the most importance. Equal pay and education are important to us because we are women as well as a Master’s of Social Work students.

During the Town Hall Debate, a question was asked by a young woman in the audience, regarding how each candidate plans to promote equal pay for women. President Obama focused on anti discriminatory legislation he signed into law in 2009, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. Governor Romney stated that rebuilding a strong economy will help promote and support more women entering the work force. While President Obama gave examples of what he has done in the past and what he will continue to do, Governor Romney avoided directly answering this important question by bringing up the unemployment rate and state of the US economy.

Further, President Obama focused on offering women an opportunity to compete more effectively in the US job market by lowering the cost of education, expanding Pell Grants, and giving aide to community colleges. Whereas Governor Romney did not focus on education as it is related to helping decrease the unequal pay margin, he did mention being in support of expanding Pell Grants for college students as it is related to growing the economy.

After considering both candidates’ stance on this issue, President Obama seems to have ideas and policies that are congruent with our goals as women and as students. No matter which way you vote, we hope that everyone can all leave the polling booths on November 6th supporting a candidate that best represents movement towards a more bright future especially in regard to equal pay and education.

Kelly Chiaroni, Brittany Urich, Melissa Vazquez and Vanessa Madrigal

1504 Obispo Avenue

Long Beach, CA 90804

(707) 535-6055