Would a GMO label on food affect your decision to buy it? Why or why not?

“It depends on my financial situation. When I am financially stable it would [affect my decision], but as a college student I buy the cheaper option regardless of if it was labeled as a GMO. However, I still support labeling.” GMOs.”

Otter (Autumn) Johnson

Second-year, Kresge

Sociology, politics






“It would [affect my decision] because hearing genetically modified makes me think that the food is unnatural. I feel the right to know about my food is important so I support Proposition 37.”

Eddie Sanchez

Fourth-year, Porter

Latin American and Latino Studies










“It would because it’s not fully understood how genetically modified crops affect us. I would like to be fully conscious of what I put in my body.”

Jason Andrews

Fourth-year, Stevenson

Environmental studies, politics