What do you think are the most important propositions on the eleven on the ballot for the upcoming election? Why?

Compiled by Kayla Sikes & Jessica Tran

“I think Proposition 30 is important because it directly impacts us and the rest of the state. I think that while our tuition would rise if it doesn’t pass, the tax’s focus on high income earners may not be completely fair.”

Michael Madsen

Third-year, Crown

Electrical engineering



“I would say Proposition 30 is most important. It’s very important to keep our UCs from becoming less affordable and less accessible. It’s important for the state as a whole because it affects K-12, community colleges and public services.”

Louise Cabansay

Second-year, College 8




“Proposition 30 is important because it’s heavily relevant to me and everyone else on this campus. I believe education is the most important investment a society can make. The only controversial aspect is raising taxes, which isn’t popular in America.”

Jefferson Bretthauer

Second-year, Porter

Business management, economics



“I feel like Proposition 30 is most important because we need more money and more access to higher education. My two brothers are about to graduate high school and I don’t want them to graduate with more debt than necessary. I want them to be hopeful about their future.”

Michael Becker

Fifth-year, Cowell

Theater arts