Illustration by Christine Hipp

Campus provost and executive vice chancellor (EVC) Alison Galloway spoke on the current and future budget situation of the UCs, and UC Santa Cruz specifically. She spoke about how the failure of Proposition 30 would affect the budget, specifically on the $250 million cuts from UCs and CSUs that would be immediately triggered if Proposition 30 fails, $15 million of which would be cut from UCSC.

The provost also took questions about subjects ranging from tuition increases to the enrollment of out of state students, and also to the future of construction on campus.

It was also EVC Galloway’s birthday, and her presentation ended with a chorus of “Happy Birthday” and cake.

The UCSC chief of police, Nader Oweis, gave a presentation on the role that UCSC peace officers play in the community. Oweis said changes have been made to make them a bigger, more prominent part of the community. He also talked about the work they do to create a safer environment on campus.

“We’re a big part of your community — our officers are here because they want to be,” Oweis said.



-The Student Worker Coalition will be meeting Friday at 5 p.m. at Joe’s Sandwich Shop.

-The Women of Color Science Coalition will be meeting on Nov. 9 at 5 p.m. in the Guzman room in Oakes to discuss how to get involved in the medical field.

-Gov. Jerry Brown will be visiting UCSC this Friday at 9:30 a.m.


New Business

-SUA-sponsored screenings of the election results will be shown around campus. It will be shown at the Stevenson Event Center, and probably at College Nine and the Recreation Center, and a location on the west side of campus as well.

-SUA passed a resolution officially endorsing Proposition 30.

-SUA also passed a resolution that they are officially against Proposition 32.

Old Business

-There was a large amount of discussion about whether or not $3,588.42 could be used to help fund a trip for 85 students to the 2012 Students of Color Conference at UC Riverside. The $3,000 was money that was planned to be used on interns for the SUA officers, which five of the six officers did not hire, leaving the money unused. The remaining $588.42 was moved out of SUA’s general fund. The motion to use the funds for the Students of Color Conference passed.

-There was a final motion carried on altering funds allocated to hiring a Director of Student Life to help SUA with student outreach. Originally the money was meant for the hire of a single Director of Student Life at $500 per month. It was changed to hiring a Director of Student Life for $300 per month, as well as two outreach coordinators for $100 per month. The motion passed with little opposition.

SUA meetings are held from 6–8 p.m. every Tuesday, above the College 9/10 Dining Hall in the Alumni Room of the University Center.