Illustration by Christine Hipp


– SUA is currently working on calculating official numbers of voters registered through their outreach efforts. The final numbers will be out this weekend after the UCSA board meeting. As of now, Victor Velasco, SUA’s external vice chair, estimates that three thousand people have added their contact information to register at the polling place of their choice. This does not include people who have been outreached to register online. This estimation includes both students and non-students.

– The University of California Student Association’s annual Student of Color Conference is this weekend, Nov. 9–11. The conference is held at UCR. SUA has provided funding and made it possible for students to attend for free — there are 84 students from UCSC scheduled to attend.

– Rainbow Theater is having their second set of shows this Friday and Saturday. The shows are held at the Stevenson Event Center. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and admission is free for students with a UCSC ID.


– SUA chair DT Amajoyi recapped SUA’s retreat. The retreat was an all-day event that had various activities and workshops. Its objective was to set new goals for outreach, referendums and programs for SUA as well as to talk about how to plan campaigns, adhere to the constitution and hold accountability. The SUA body discussed future opportunities for improvement for the following retreat. There was a vote on whether there should be another retreat this quarter. The final vote determined that the next retreat will be scheduled for next quarter, and in the meantime everyone will incorporate some aspects of what was on the agenda in the weekly meetings. The vote for this decision was 29 in favor to two not in favor.


– Maria Jennings, who is the Legislative Affairs Committee Chair for SUA, made the motion to have committee meetings before the USSA Legislative Update. The motion was approved.