What is a memorable experience you have had with an instructor at UC Santa Cruz?

Stephanie Hawkins, MCD Biology, Second-year, Oakes: "When one of my professors was more involved with my well-being and I ended up getting an A. That was her being more interested with me as a person than a student."
Taylor Tumah, Psychology/Biology, Fourth-year, College 10: "In Community Mental Health we ahd to line up and based on (Professor Tonay's) question, if it pertained to you you step back. It kind of connected me to my classmates."
Cassidy McCarthy, Environmental Studies/Biology, Second year, Porter: "Jan Washburn's just so passionate about what he does. At the end of the quarter he gives a speech about frogs and butterflies and how they're all dying and he almost starts crying and you want to cry with him."
Gabriel Lluch, Business Management Economics, First year, Porter: "My core teacher is really witty and sarcastic. It adds perfectly to what's going on in the classroom. He adds great energy and he cracks the class up."