Adam Zawadzki poses next to in-progress restoration of the surrounding structure of Porter College’s “Muse.” Photo by Michael Mott

Standing 6 feet tall and 18 inches square, Porter College’s “Muse” is hard to miss. The bronze bell’s surrounding structure, made of concrete, is currently receiving repairs and a restoration.

College Five was created in 1969, but it was not until Nov. 1, 1981 that UC Santa Cruz’s fifth college officially became Porter College. It was on this dedication day that it was given the “Muse” — a bronze bell sculpted by Angelo Grova, an art major who graduated in 1974.

When the Porter College commencement ceremony was held in the Porter Quad, before the college outgrew the space and moved to the West Field to hold commencement in 2009, the college provost gave voice to the “Muse” by ringing the bell in the college courtyard. This sound was used to signal soon to be graduates to enter into the quad to receive their diploma.

Porter student Evan Engle said after seeing the “Muse” everyday for two years, he’s happy it’s receiving restorative work.

“[The restoration] is absolutely great,” he said. “This is the first thing you see when you move in to Porter with your parents and it’s really the cornerstone of the courtyard here.”

Before, the right top and back left corners were badly chipped. The concrete of two support posts was crumbling also, leaving internal rebar visible. The restorer Adam Zawadzki said all repairs should be finished by Jan. 10.