Our Music Playlist for Valentine’s Day

1. Crush/First Date

step one

The Beatles / “I’ve Just Seen a Face”

This Beatles favorite will bring you back to the ‘60s when you look into the eyes of that soon-to-be-special someone. C’mon, we all know the feeling: you’re at the bowling alley, or grabbing food with your friends, or sitting there wishing for that lecture to be over and then you see a face you know you won’t be able to get out of your head for the rest of the day.


The Wanted / “Glad You Came”

What better way to get pumped for a first date than with this upbeat party hit? The best way to get to know another person is through active and fun group activities — dance party, anyone? — so let the tunes flow! This feel-good song will leave your date being glad they came and wanting more!



2. Slow Jamz

step three

My Bloody Valentine / “When You Sleep” — If you’re in the mood to do the astral plane, horizontally speaking, My Bloody Valentine comes hither from the cosmos to touch down on your most divine territories. The extraterrestrial textures and deconstructed guitar tones express melody and melodrama with the tenderness of a lover’s hand, manipulating your sonic space into a blissful shoegazey stupor.


Kurt Vile / “Baby’s Arms” — Freak folk architect Kurt Vile takes a turn for the ethereal with this supremely psychedelic scorcher, reaching its incandescent forces into the swirling milieu of your deepest solar systems. Damn your skyward eyes, man — this is not for the faint of stars.



3. Falling in Love

step two

Bright Eyes / “First Day of My Life”

There is no feeling quite like falling in love. Conor Oberst’s acoustic ode to that fuzzy welling up in the chest is sure to cause excessive hand holding and several pecks on the cheek. Goo-goo eyes aside, this song speaks to that sense of new beginnings only true love can provide.


Talking Heads / “This Must be the Place (Naïve Melody)”

Perfect for that post-“I Love You” giddiness that washes over you and your significant other. With those buoyant guitar lines and a funky backdrop, this song captures the euphoric wonders of falling head over heels in love. Settle back and remember you’re always at home when you’re with that special someone.


4. Breakup
step four
No Doubt / “Don’ t Speak”

Seriously, can he/she just shut up already?

Gwen Stefani wrote this song about her ex-boyfriend and bandmate Tony Kanal after he ended their seven-year relationship. He had to perform a song about how much he sucks written by his ex-girlfriend. And the song was nominated for a Grammy. Well-played, Gwen. Well-played.


Adele / “Someone Like You”

Are you looking to sit on your couch by yourself in sweats and unintentionally mix your ice cream and tears and shovel them into your mouth by the heaping spoonful? Then yeah, listen to this. Your lover is gone. Forever. Adele gets it.­


Bonus Tracks: Anything by the Smiths


5. Whatever, I Just Wanna Dance
step five
Robyn / “Dancing On My Own”

Yes, I heard this song on “Girls.” So what? It’s good to dance (on your own). Dancing by yourself makes for a portable party anytime, anywhere, and this song’s electro power pop independence will get that body moving.


Kelly Clarkson / “Since U Been Gone”

If you say you’ve never blasted this song in your car, yelled at the top of your lungs and danced dangerously in your seatbelt, you’re lying. Kelly will always be the queen of post-breakup empowerment (sorry, TSwift) and this song, sung loudly and off-key in the company of friends, is sure to cure many, if not all, separation woes.