What variables play a role in your mate selection process?

Destinee Soto
Destinee Soto
First-year, Kresge
Human Biology

“The smile and the personality and also how tall they are, because I’m a tall chick.”

Jaric Sawatdee
Jaric Swatdee
First-year, College Ten
Molecular, cell and developmental biology

“That one connection that starts to make all the other connections. It starts with one and then we see where we go from there.”

Ariana Mota
Arianna Mota
Fourth-year, Crown

“A positive personality is good but that doesn’t matter as much as their morals and values. Sometimes opposites attract personality-wise, but morals and values should be the same.”

Chloe Larson
Chloe Larson
Third-year, Cowell

“If they existed, intelligence is the number one thing. Our sense of humor has to mesh. They have to be kind-hearted, thoughtful, and sensitive.”