What are your thoughts on the community response to the staged sexual assault?

Amy Whitlock
First-year, Crown

“I think everyone was really disappointed in that kind of thing. Everyone was just let down because it’s a real problem and for someone to trivialize it is unfair.”

Emily Zaragoza
Fourth-year, College Nine
“Since it was false, I thought they overdid it. A lot of people were still talking about it and prevention wise, it gave Santa Cruz a false stigma now that we have to deal with.”
Steven Hernandez
First-year, College Ten
Human biology
“I think the community was outraged that we were kind of misled to think that it happened. A lot of people were afraid … for a while and they wasted all of their time being afraid. I feel like it created a lot of fear.”
Zoe Mackay
Third-year, Stevenson
Politics and legal studies
“It kind of surprised me that this was the only sexual abuse that … was given attention on campus. It can’t be the only one. I know for a fact that it’s not the only one.”