Dear CHP Editors,

The Brand New Council is a rump group of 60 Bernie supporters out of the thousands who voted for Bernie in Santa Cruz. This group, which met after Hillary won the Democratic nomination, and most of us Bernistas — including Bernie himself — moved on to defeating Trump. [The group] chose [its] candidates based on support for a pledge that the best candidates refused to sign because several of its commitments included positions that are either illegal under state law, not supported by progressive local residents, or likely to be ineffective in actually providing the affordable housing, social services, police accountability, public transit and environmental protection [which] all Bernie supporters would want to see. As an “old school progressive” who served five terms as mayor of Santa Cruz [and] as an open socialist-feminist, I’d advise your readers [to] choose their candidates based on something other than the endorsement of the Brand New Council group.

Mike Rotkin

Merrill Lecture