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28 Mar 2023
Primer written in bold dark blue lettering, with a winding road beneath leading to a pixelating Sammy Slug walking out of a Zoom screen.
Illustration by Ry Lei

Primer 2021

Allow us to introduce you to Primer, the first edition of the 56th volume of City on a Hill Press. Primer is a resource and starting point for the year — we hope the articles, guides, and updates in these virtual pages make Santa Cruz feel more familiar.

City on a Hill Press has and will continue to follow the goals of our mission: watchdogging the university, spotlighting underrepresented voices, and publishing articles for students by students.

We look forward to using this platform to find better, more helpful ways, for voicing the triumphs and concerns of the student body. Thank you for joining us, as we kick off this challenging and exciting new year.

Take care of yourselves and each other.

Getting up to speed...


Art Spaces on Campus 

ART SPACES ON CAMPUS Sculpture Studios:  The sculpture studios consist of a metal shop and a woodshop. Located in the Baskin Art Studios, both places offer various tools for students to develop skills such as welding, shaping, staining, and more. To gain access to the studios,…

Campus Map by Ry Lei

An illustrated map of UCSC

Campus Updates...


The Fight for a COLA 

Classes were cancelled, while the base of campus was flooded with strikers, supporters, and​​ alumni. This was all in the effort of teaching assistants (T.A.s) obtaining a cost of living adjustment (COLA). For a moment in time, the entire campus was consumed by the excitement…

Primer on Campus...

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