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28 Nov 2023

March for Liberation 

Trigger warning: this article contains reference to sexual assault and violence on the UC Santa Cruz campus.  “Take back my life, take back the night!” shouted teary-eyed participants. Carrying posters conveying the importance of consent and reclamation, the marchers’ empowered words echoed throughout UC Santa...

Outdoors Program Under Threat 

Since its founding in 2009, the Experiential Leadership Program (ELP) at UC Santa Cruz has cultivated student leaders through courses and programs. Now, campus administration is moving to end the decade-old program. In hopes of saving their beloved program, ELP director Miranda Allen, students and staff...

A Guide to Riding Safely 

Uber and Lyft are advertised as secure modes of transportation for college students. With 750,000 drivers and 2 million drivers in the U.S. respectively, Uber and Lyft pride themselves on safety. However, due to recent events, it is important for students to remember to practice...

Students Fight Climate Change 

UC Santa Cruz’s campus is enveloped by natural beauty. The tall-standing trees accompanying students and staff on their way to class ease the mind. With such beauty comes responsibility. Various groups at UCSC to protect our planet and combat climate change. Their missions start small,...

Santa Cruz vs. Ice Plant 

West Cliff, one of the most scenic locations in Santa Cruz, is a hot spot for tourists and locals. Each turn on the winding road displays another scenic beach. The yellow and pink flowers of the ice plant stand out against the green landscapes. The...
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