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30 Sep 2023

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City on a Hill Press strives to provide a platform for debate and change. We promote the student voice and value the exchange of insightful ideas. Opinions and Letters to the Editors may be submitted regarding issues affecting CHP’s student audience, UC Santa Cruz and the city of Santa Cruz. The op-ed section is an opportunity for students and community members to provide alternative, fresh, and compelling perspectives.

We choose submissions based on what we believe our readers will find interesting and informative. Writing should be accessible — don’t use jargon! Use your own voice — if you’re funny, be funny! It is best to focus on something specific and relevant to CHP’s audience. Be sure to present an authentic, original and unique experience or perspective.”

The opinions in this section do not reflect the opinions of the organization or the University of California. Opinions are selected based on relevance to current events in the news or an underrepresented issue.

Below are the guidelines!

Opinion Submissions

  • Must be original and unpublished
  • Must be exclusive to City on a Hill Press
  • Should pertain to local, UCSC, or UC news. However, we do accept Opinions about National/International issues, but it should appeal to CHP’s primary audience
  • Present a coherent, well-written and well-informed argument
  • No longer than 500 words
  • Please disclose any possible conflict of interests with your content
  • Facts must be supported and validated
  • Include links and citations to aid in the fact-checking process (Opinion must meet our fact-checking standards)
  • Not every submission will be published — opinions deemed libelous, racist, sexist, homophobic or offensive will not print.)
  • All content publishes at the discretion of the Opinions editor
  • We will edit for grammar and clarity. We want the submission to be clear and well-presented and we will try to help you with that.
  • The writer will approve the final copy, but not the headline or art that may accompany it

Send submissions to

  • List the name of author followed by the topic in the subject line
  • Paste the text of the article into the body of the message. Include a phone number and short biography of the writer. You will hear from the editor within five days if it’s accepted.
  • Allow up to seven days for the editing process

Letters to the Editors

We accept letters 350 words or less and we may give editing suggestions for the letter regarding length, grammar or clarity. We reserve the right to hold letters if we see it as necessary, (i.e. if it violates a legal code or is discriminatory). Letters should be relevant to the campus community and should not promote personal interests. Letters to the editor should only be sent to City on a Hill Press, and not to other publications. We do not publish open letters or third-party letters.

Letters must be typed and signed.

Send a letter to the editor by e-mailing or mail:

Letters to the Editor
City on a Hill Press
UCSC Press Center
1156 High St.
Santa Cruz, CA, 95064

Readers are encouraged to comment on stories online to provide feedback and perspectives!

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