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23 Mar 2023

Marching Proudly Down Pacific 

The grey color of the sidewalks slowly as people crowded to watch marchers paint Pacific Avenue with every color of the rainbow. Whether it was the rumbling of the Dykes on Bykes’ motorcycles or the chanting of the gender neutral Cheer San Francisco, the crowd of…

On the Heels of Change 

At the age of 19, Ann Simonton was walking through a park in New York City to get to a modeling assignment when she was sexually assaulted at knifepoint. As she reflected on her traumatic experience, she knew she wanted to make sure that what…

From Soup to Solutions 

Over a bowl of soup, Santa Cruz County residents considered their own role in addressing houselessness, while donating funds toward the Homeless Service Center’s efforts to provide the houseless with homes. The Homeless Services Center (HSC) held its 15th annual Soupline Supper on Thursday at…

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