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28 Nov 2023

Organics Sprout in Popularity 

Dick Peixoto starts his mornings at 4 a.m. with a stroll around his Watsonville farm Lakeside Organic Gardens, mingling with the harvesters, talking about daily tasks and keeping an eye out for any yellow-tinted leaves that can be signs of plant disease. One look at...

Common Code 

During their lunch break, students at Branciforte Middle School in Santa Cruz are building a fence for sheep and creating snowmen and dogs. This is all happening indoors on a small tablet screen where these students are learning to code in 45-minute intervals. “Draw a...

Going Gray and Finding Love 

California is home to approximately 5 million people over the age of 65 — more than any other state in the country. Of that population, 36,694 individuals live in Santa Cruz County. There’s significant research on senior health, economic welfare, demographics, technology use and more....

CA Minimum Wage Now $10 

Every month, UC Santa Cruz alumna Taylor Lara spends about $800 for living expenses. She works as a server at Pono Hawaiian Grill, where she earns minimum wage plus tips. She gets by each month but avoids adding new expenses to her budget, let alone...
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