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03 Oct 2023

Sunrise Hosts Congressional Climate Debate 

At a debate over the future of U.S. climate policy, Adam Bolaños Scow, Democratic challenger for California’s 20th congressional district seat, faced off against an opponent who wasn’t there. “It’s not personal with Jimmy, we just have different priorities,” Bolaños Scow said, speaking of incumbent…


711 Empty Beds on Campus 

*Pseudonym used at source’s request. It was fall 2019, and on the fifth floor of Building A at Merrill College second-year Archer Willems and his friends decided to turn the empty quintuple room down their hall into the lounge it once was a decade ago. …


Another Generation Cometh 

You’ve heard the stories about the bakeries who won’t cater gay weddings, about conversion therapy and the pickets outside abortion clinics. To many Americans, LGBTQIA+ rights and religion are like oil and water, destined to disassociate by holy texts written in the age of Philistines…


Santa Cruz Shows Up For Dreamers 

Four days before the U.S. Supreme Court heard the final arguments in a case deciding the fate of some 700,000 undocumented U.S. residents, a crowd of families, students and activists gathered at the Santa Cruz Town Clock with pickets emblazoned “Home Is Here.” Here, the…


Sunrise Joins Climate Walkout 

Just days after a U.N. Climate Action Summit saw world leaders fail to meet the urgency of a hotter globe, over 200 UC Santa Cruz students joined thousands of residents from across Santa Cruz County in an afternoon-long strike, march and protest against climate apathy. …

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