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04 Oct 2023

Misuse of Adderall on Campus 

Adderall prescriptions among 18- to 24-year-olds have remained constant since 2014, but the amount of young people misusing Adderall as a study aid is skyrocketing — particularly among college students crumbling under pressure to excel on exams.    Adderall is used to combat attention deficit…

Special Issue

Beyond the classroom 

This week, City on a Hill Press asked National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) athletes how they manage their health as student-athletes. Their answers touched on mental health, physical health and social well-being. Sierra Yuen,  a third-year, plays for women’s volleyball. CHP: As a student-athlete who…


Accessibility vs. Affordability 

While UC Santa Cruz encourages students to invest in a meal plan, a seven-day meal plan that costs $464 per month is not always the cheapest or most accessible option for students. Those without meal plans and those who live off campus have to shop…


Localizing Global Initiatives 

One-third of the food produced worldwide is either lost or wasted according to the United Nations. Yet to meet food demand levels by 2050 based on current trends, global agricultural production will have to increase by 60 percent, relative to 2005 rates. “Certainly, changing climates…


MAH develops Abbott Square 

The Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History (MAH) asked residents in 2013 what downtown Santa Cruz was missing — the answer was a space for community. Out of this response, the idea of Abbott Square was born. With $5 million of support from community…


Campus Gardens 

UC Santa Cruz’s commitment to the environment is evident through the abundance of gardens on campus. Working in a garden helps students understand the process of growing their own food and cultivates a deeper, more meaningful relationship with food. Many colleges offer courses based around…


Solidarity & Strawberries 

Students on campus consume millions of strawberries each quarter. In Santa Cruz County, one of the state’s top strawberry producers, the fruit’s harvest earns hundreds of millions of dollars for local farmers each season. However, on May 17, when the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable…


A Taste of Culture 

As festivalgoers walk across the lawn, one thought consumed everyone’s mind: “what do I eat?” With numerous tents with delicious food from different cuisines, the choice was almost impossible to make. The 38th Annual Multicultural Festival (MCF) last Saturday celebrated culture not only through food,…

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