By Amirose Eisenbach

Some DJs bridge gaps between musical genres by blending, splicing, and mixing sounds and instruments together, resulting in a new definition of music. DJ Krush is one such DJ, merging jazz, hip-hop, electronic, and eastern music together to form a harmonious fusion of rhythmic bliss
Originally from Tokyo, DJ Krush has a translator by his side to act as the medium for conversation. However, there appeared to be no sign of miscommunication as bodies of every nationality, shape, and size danced recklessly into the night as DJ Krush spun at the Mezzanine in San Francisco last Friday night. DJ Krush spoke with City on a Hill Press (CHP) about his new double-disc album, how music aids politics, and his idea of the ultimate jam session. CHP: On your new album, "Stepping Stones", you’ve remixed some of your older tracks.
DJ Krush: I just wanted to approach making my material differently. If by adding a new sound to my older material makes my audience pay more attention to my old stuff, then I think that’s just great.CHP: Why do you concentrate more on using English-speaking rappers than on Japanese-speking rappers? DJ Krush: I don’t intentionally use more English rappers, but the Japanese rappers that I have featured on my albums are the ones that share the same concepts as me. There are a lot of political and financial problems between countries. My intention is that through music, people all over the world can become connected. CHP: What kind of equipment do you use?DJ Krush: I use a Mac Computer, Protools, Live Abelton Software and my tables.CHP: A lot of your songs have spiritual content and song titles, drawing from philosophy and nature. Since you focus constantly on water, if the ocean was embodied in one instrument, which one do you feel would represent it the best?DJ Krush: I couldn’t name just one instrument because the ocean is music itself. It is made up of so many different elements that are combined to form it. It all exists with a great balance and with so many creatures. It’s exactly the same with music. If one aspect is destroyed, than it cannot exist. CHP: If you could describe your artistic style or intention in three words or phrases, what would they be?DJ Krush: Well, my appreciation of the music, my curiosity to myself, and the future of younger generations are my motivations to create music.CHP: What exactly do you mean by the curiosity to yourself?DJ Krush: I mean how I can express myself. How much of myself can be expressed through my music. I face the truth, however, that I may die without knowing all the answers.CHP: If you could collaborate with anyone in music, present or past, who would it be and what do you admire most about them?DJ Krush: I’m hoping to bring my turntables up to heaven and have a session with Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, and John Coltrane. I have learned so much from Jazz; it is by far one of my greatest influences…I may need to rethink this since I might not even go to heaven. [laughs]