By Jono Kinkade

Amid heated debates in the United States over energy policy, everyone from Democrats to Republicans, environmentalists to energy companies, seem to agree with President Bush that the United States is "addicted to oil."
But the agreement stops there. Debate and speculation continue about how to power the millions of vehicles on the roads, driveways, and parking lots of America.
The Bush Administration advocates the benefits of ethanol fuel, which is primarily corn-based, joining those that claim it can provide a renewable fuel source and economic stability. Others question the real potential of ethanol and the motives of its advocates, arguing that ethanol is not as sustainable as it is marketed to be.
Tom Koehler, vice president of governmental affairs and communications of Pacific Ethanol, Inc., a Fresno-based ethanol production company, is convinced that ethanol is indeed the best replacement for petroleum.
"There is no debate," Koehler told City on a Hill Press (CHP). "Ethanol is an absolutely positive form of energy."
But Stanley Flatt?