KZSC needs to begin airing Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now! program. I recommend 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. broadcast, when most people can listen to it on their way to work or school.

Currently, KUSP airs the program, but only at 9 a.m. when most people are at work, so most people don’t get a chance to hear her program. I believe KUSP does this on purpose to keep information on Democracy Now! from reaching most people.

They also air NPR (National Pentagon/Propaganda Radio) before and after Democracy Now! which subjects good, clear headed Santa Cruzans to NPR’s fascist, racist, right-wing propaganda.

Time to take a stand. KZSC. You need to air Amy Goodman’s program-she’s the best on the left. There’s no excuse to continue to censor their news program. Evolve.

*Steve Jones, UCSC graduate*