By Natalie Orozco

Student Org of the week: Armenian Student Union

We will be interviewing Paul Mekhedjian, president of ASU.

CHP: When was this organization established, and how?

ASU: About four or five years ago. I think it was started by two or three Armenian students because there were no others on campus. It started out as some sort of support group to talk about Armenian issues and speak the Armenian language.

CHP: What does ASU do?

ASU: We create a space of a tight community on campus for anyone with pride, sayings or cultural background [of Armenia]. We make people aware of the Armenian community. It is important for us to spread the message through fundraising or tabling. In the spring, we raise awareness on Armenian Genocide Recognition Day, which happens on April 24.

CHP: What upcoming events can we expect from you this quarter?

ASU: That’s actually something we will discuss at [our next] meeting—but social events probably.

CHP: How often do you meet?

ASU: Normally once a week for just about an hour or so. If anyone has something to discuss politically or socially, we talk about it. It’s actually pretty fun.

CHP: How many members do you have this quarter?

ASU: This quarter we are expecting about 10 to 20.

CHP: Who can sign up?

ASU: Anyone! Fully, half, a quarter, one-eighth — as long as you’re interested in learning more, and willing to be open-minded about a country that has 3,000 to 4,000 years of history. It is something we are really proud of. Not many other countries can say that.

CHP: What is a fun tradition ASU does?

ASU: We actually go bowling once every couple of months [laughs].

CHP: What is a memorable moment you have with ASU?

ASU: Our Armenian cultural night we had last spring [quarter], because it was the first time we did something like that. We were able to pool all our resources together and bring as much of our culture into one place at one time with food and Armenian music. I think we did a good job and we are looking forward to doing it again this year.

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