Photo by X, available under Creative Commons.
Photo by Jason + Amanda, available under Creative Commons.

It’s that time of the year again.

It’s unmistakable, with the event invitations on Facebook, urging you to vote in the Spring undergraduate elections. It’s unavoidable, with the campaign materials scattered on all applicable surfaces on campus. It’s almost unresistable, with slices of Costco pizza being given in the Quarry as an incentive to vote online.

Wednesday, May 13th marked the beginning of the Spring elections for the Student Union Assembly (SUA), the student government that functions as the voice of the student body, by working with various campus and statewide administrative bodies such as University of California Student Association (UCSA) to lobby the UC Regents and state legislature.

At UC Santa Cruz, SUA receives about 7 dollars per student each quarter, which comes out to be a budget of $292,850. SUA allocates a majority of the funds to student organizations and events.

The SUA office positions that currently up for election are Student Union Assembly Chair, SUA External Vice-Chair, Commissioner of Academic Affairs, Organizing Director and Commissioner of Diversity, as well as College Representatives from each of the 10 colleges on campus.

Elections start on Wednesday May 13th and continue through Wednesday, May 20th. Go to to vote for SUA officers and ballot measures.