Photo by Morgan Grana.
Photo by Morgan Grana
Photo by Morgan Grana.
Photo by Morgan Grana

SANTA CRUZ, CA – A general assembly has amassed in Kresge Town Hall to decide the next course of action in response to a proposed 32.5 percent hike in student tuition. Currently, proposals on what will happen for the rest of the week are being discussed. There are plans to occupy Kresge Town Hall as an organizing space indefinitely.

Earlier today, approximately 500 UCSC students, workers and faculty congregated at Quarry Plaza in opposition of the regents meeting.

“The point is to make [the protest] a UC-wide action and show that we all are vigorously opposed to what’s happening,” said rally speaker and second-year Ian Steinman.

A march to the base of campus immediately commenced after the rally, where a blockade of protesters blocked off road entry into campus. Buses were turned around and cars detoured.

“Obviously we shut down campus,” said a student organizer. “If what we sought to do was to shut down campus it was a full success.”

We will continue to post updates as this story develops.

UPDATE 7:31pm
The general assembly in Kresge has agreed to discontinue blockading campus, figuring that disrupting other students and staff is not an effective means of gaining their support.

Also, the general assembly made another decision to cease striking through not going to class.

“Asking for other students to cut class alienates other student body,” said one student who spoke in the general assembly.

Student protesters have also agreed not to blockade and picket at an administrative building.

“One thing we have to realize is the school administration is not the enemy,” said a student who said she was a liaison between the school administrators and the student protesters. “They are actually in support of us.”

UPDATE 9:06pm
Protesters report they plan to occupy the Kresge Town Hall for the entire night.