Question: How do you think the current economic crisis will affect gift giving this holiday season?


(from left to right)

“I think less philanthropy work will be done and people will give less. If there’s will then it won’t change. But it will make people work harder to give more.”
Michael Fernández
Second-year, College Nine
Health Science

“I think there will be a lot of homemade gifts. I will suffer through it and end up broke but I will continue to buy gifts.”
Katie Lewis
Third-year, College Eight
Environmental Studies

“More thought-out gifts — less in quantity, but more in quality.”
James Cooper
Fourth-year, College Nine

“People will buy less expensive gifts. I will continue buying how I normally do.”
Ashley Vanden Elzen
Third-year, College Eight
Environmental Studies

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Compiled by Amberly Young and Devika Agarwal.