We spend the majority of our days staring into eyes, noticing noses, looking at lips, fingering hair, but seldom do we break from the hustle and bustle of life to really enjoy the minute details that inconspicuously pass us by. This is a series of macro-photographs of miscellaneous appendages and fine points of interest provided by a few close cohorts. I have a deep affinity for ogling every detail of my friends’ faces — so much so that it often leads me to awkward situations, but it also leads me to mini-epiphanies. These revelations I have are often related to the fact that after the hundreds of times I’ve looked at my closest friend’s face, I never before noticed the deceptively faint scar above her right eyebrow. Or how I had not, up until today, noticed the ever-so-slight upward tilt of my roommate’s nose. These photographs are a plea to you: please immerse yourself in every texture and nuance found in and around you. These things might seem trivial to some, but these are the things I enjoy most.