Question: Santa Cruz’s “sleeping ban,” municipal code 6.36.10, is in effect every night from 11 p.m. to 8:30 a.m. Do you think homeless people should be allowed to sleep in public spaces and/or in their cars?

Andrew DelunasJosh BrettMary MorettiKelly Huth

(from left to right)

“Where the hell else are they going to sleep? I mean, it is essentially telling the homeless that it’s illegal to sleep, so it doesn’t make a lot of bloody sense, right?”
Andrew Delunas
Fifth-year, Graduate

“Yes, because where else are they going to sleep? It’s kind of a dick move to prosecute people just for sleeping, when they’ve got nowhere else to sleep.”
Josh Brett
Fourth-year, Porter

“They have nowhere else to sleep. Where else are they going to sleep?”
Mary Moretti
First-year, Stevenson

“I guess it depends on where they are sleeping, I mean, who cares if they are sleeping in their cars? What are they going to do, make them walk around all night? I don’t think that’s a good law. They should give them more help instead of just saying, ‘no, you have to not sleep.’”
Kelly Huth
Fifth-year, Cowell

Compiled by Joey Bien-Kahn & Andrew Allio