Question: Do you support the death penalty? If not, what do you think is an alternative?

(from left to right)

“I do support the death penalty. I find that the other solutions to the death penalty are fiscally irresponsible.”
James Ramsey
Second-year, Merrill

“I don’t support the death penalty, because it just requires way more money than we are actually needing, and there is no point if there are going to be prisoners in there for life sentences anyway.”
Jason Singh
First-year, Oakes

“I don’t support the death penalty. I think that if they go on death row, they should live out their whole term and suffer.”
Katherine Nicolau
Second-year, Cowell
Environmental studies & biology

“It depends on the case, and what the person did, but it should be used sparingly, since it is a really harsh penalty.”
Anisha Gupta
Fourth-year, College Eight
Business management economics