When looking for a more defined tone from singer Josh Montoya, Gadgetbox Studios owner Andy Zenczack told him, “Drop and give me 20.” After reluctantly doing the push-ups, Montoya sang into the mic again, this time with the rough sound they were looking for. It’s not the access to professional Auto-Tuning you pay for at Gadgetbox, it’s the inspiration Zenczack and his studio bring to the mix. When Zenczack noticed Montoya was losing confidence in his voice, he sent for a little Irish Whiskey. After a couple songs on Zenczack’s “one track, one shot” plan, Montoya’s bravado saturated the mic. As track after track went down, I realized how important a musician’s environment is to making their art. With guitars lining the walls and exotic instruments like a finger piano lying around, it’s easy to get creative even while taking a break. Not everyone can afford a studio, but it is well worth the money. Montoya’s band, The Taxi Project, uses a micro-financing website to get around working with controlling labels while still working with talented people like those at Gadgetbox Studios.