Dear Editor,

In response to your article “Of Porn and PETA” (6 Oct. 2011), I would like to provide some insight into the motives behind PETA’s website. PETA’s job is to draw attention to animal suffering, and we have found — and, as the author noted, your article confirms — that people do pay more attention to our racier actions. As a result of our tactics, PETA representatives have been interviewed and our ads have been run — for free — allowing us to reach audiences numbering into the millions. This means that people across America are hearing about how animals suffer in the industries that use them and that more people than ever before are taking a stand against such companies.

All the activists featured on are adults dedicated to helping animals by drawing attention to how foxes are electrocuted and skinned by the millions for the fur industry; calves are torn away from their distraught mothers and slaughtered for the meat industry; elephants are beaten bloody and forced to live in chains year after year in circuses; rats, mice, rabbits, cats, dogs, primates, and other animals are confined to cages and mutilated in laboratories; and billions of other animals endure torture, maddening isolation, starvation, terror, and violent deaths for various human amusements and industries.

We must make our message impossible to forget, and launching a website with a .xxx domain name helps achieve that goal. For more information, please visit, where you can also request a free vegetarian/vegan starter kit.

Amelia Jensen
College Campaigns Assistant