Dear Editor,

While I greatly support holding Student Governments accountable, as was stated in the 11/17 Editorial “SUA Mismanaged Funds”, [retitled “Students Must Stay Informed About SUA Decisions“] I wanted to address a gross inaccuracy within that editorial.

The ReFund California campaign is a statewide coalition of many organizations, including a number of Unions.  A statewide Day of Action on November 16 was organized by this full coalition, which includes both UCSA as well as UAW 2865, the UC TA Union.  The UAW had already chartered multiple busses for this event before engaging the
UCSC Student Governments, asking for our support in filling the busses with people, not with funding them.  The sentiment that TAs “picked up the slack” from the SUA is flat out incorrect. The editors should be
applauding the SUA for not spending money on something that was already funded, and instead working with the ReFund California campaign on filling the spots on the already-chartered busses.

While I greatly appreciate the recognition of the work of TAs on campus and in campus organizing, pitting the Union against the SUA is not a worthwhile or effective strategy for either of our organizations, and I think the Editorial Board should be ashamed for engaging in such tactics.


– Erik Green, President, UCSC Graduate Student Association, and Member, UAW Local 2865

Editor’s Note: The editorial to which this letter refers, “Students Must Stay Informed About SUA Decisions,” has been amended  in response to concerns expressed by readers. Some of the details mentioned in this letter are no longer included in the online version of the Nov. 17 editorial.