Question: What do you think was accomplished by the occupation of Hahn Student Services?

(from left to right)

“It showed solidarity with the rest of the Occupy movements, especially Occupy Education. But it doesn’t sound like it was very effective. It would have been more effective if there were more protesters.”
Kendra Yoshinaga
First-year, Kresge

“It was symbolic because it is Student Services, but I’m confused [about] why Hahn was occupied when they are not the people in charge of making the tuition. “
Rose Greenberg
First-year, Kresge

“It put pressure on administrators to be aware of the students’ demands and to take them seriously. It also raised awareness of the UC-sanctioned pepper spraying of students at UC Davis.”
Andrew Kunz
Third-year, Porter

“Not much. It didn’t raise a noticeable concern from the other parts of campus and it didn’t have much efficacy in raising student awareness.” 
Hannah Monday
Fourth-year, Kresge